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Thrivability: Breaking Through to a World that Works

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+Residue and why I write

The dates following these collections may not be exact.

Bliss Moment is the weaving of my poems with music by Valdis Krebs.

+delight 2012-->


+Bliss Moment poems written for collaboration with Valdis (see music above for earlier pieces)

+Bliss Moment
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Bliss Moment

Often unexpected flash of euphoria the intimate glow of your eyes sparks of shared awareness we breathe in the same ...


+UniverseExperienceAs Poems in the series - I am the Universe Experiencing Itself As...

I am the Universe experiencing itself as... (to play the game, see http://nurture.biz/2009/07/experiencing-as/ - which these poems evolve from.)   Please begin ...


+Spirit poems 2008-present Poems about connection and spirit



here in the space between us between node and node where energy intersects with energy you and I dance together in my experience I am constant you are changing, ...

+You poems (1995-1997) inspired by second person writings, such as in Malady of Death by Marguirite Duras



She had thoughts in which everyone was implicated--you in particular. "In particular" not only as singled out, but also as having great detail. And ...


+flesh poems. (1995-1997) more poems about the body



Fleshy white and pink,

soft but firm, dipped in liquid salt and perhaps some wasabi my mouth full of wonder,


+More (2007-2008)


Light, wave, particle

Light, wave, particle we came together, two lights flickering in time, sparkly. Connect, grow brighter in the darkness, our own darkness. We chased our shadows. Laughed at such ...


+twitter poems (2008)

+Other poems not part of a collection. (1991-1997)


Sonnet for Writing

On Autumn dry grass, my lair, I prepare crisp leaves, unmade paper, so that I might watch, lying on corpse-embracing ...


Thrivability: A Collaborative Sketch

a collection of over 60 essays and images crafting a topography for thriving

11596 medium


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Thrivability: A Collaborative Sketch




Case for Thrivability

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