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Thrivability: Breaking Through to a World that Works

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Thrivability Field Guide

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This is the architecture that supports sharing what I have learned in an unfinished ongoing fashion. It is way cells come together to make up the bone that will hold the body of the field guide.

To learn an idea...there are many ways of engaging with it, many ways of finding it. This is the structure of the pattern language that enables us to understand the field.


Overall thrivability map of relationships (coming)


Thrivability glossary


How to navigate

    • Verb: Is the leap about having, doing, or being.
    • Opportunity: what is vision.
    • Potential Impact: what outcomes are possible.
    • Conditions: what is the "soil" for this to germinate.
    • Assumptions: what must be a given for this to flourish.
    • Results and Outcomes: actual instances of impact.
    • Further Resources: where to go for more.
    • Stories: on the ground stories of this in practice.
    • Tips: advice for pursuing this.
    • Practice: exercises, questions for considering, worksheets.
    • Theory: the behind the scenes analysis and historic development.
    • Discussion: open for conversation.



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Transformative jumps for thrivability


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Thrivability: A Collaborative Sketch

a collection of over 60 essays and images crafting a topography for thriving

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Thrivability: A Collaborative Sketch




Case for Thrivability

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