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July 16, Tuesday - Arrive

4pm in SF - Find Evo around 5:30 at Church st

dinner with Kevin?

7pm or so - Cameron B

Grant McC


July 17, Wednesday - FULL

Anne, Christina, Christian, Trevor, Katherine - walk around Mission

7pm Freespace Thrivability invite open - http://freespace.io/

 - Micah, Ed West, Carlos, Christina, Dara, Cameron, Evonne, and more...


July 18, Thursday  - FULL

Project deadline tomorrow - work day

10am to 3pm with Kaliya: Moz, RSA, other proposals.

    12:30 Chow with Lukas

3pm Co-working with Cameron

6pm Natural Logic - NextNow gathering - Thrivability invite open (with Cameron)

 - http://nextnow-berkeley.eventbrite.com/


July 19, Friday  - FULL

8am - 5pm Project DEADline - work day

 - Bill session with Kaliya finalize Moz framework

5pm - 7pm - Geoff - Integral - SFO area


July 20, Saturday  - FULL

finish project deadline

1:30pm Kim bday - meet at her house

6:00pm - John H - long overdue catch up


July 21, Sunday - FULL

9am Mark Finnern

1pm - Bo and Kristi - Cookie Model discussion

6pm Sam - collective impact


July 22, Monday - FULL

10am - 5:30pm Unconference.net - "In Case of Emergency" paper/product

4pm - Matt S

6:30 dinner: Kim Nichol - thrivable living

9:30pm Date


July 23, Tuesday - FULL

10am - 5:30pm Unconference.net

   10:30am Eugene K

   12:30 Axil for lunch

6pm Anne Caspari

8pm MikeN12 


July 24, Wednesday - Open

8am ci2iglobal

9:30am Travis - monsters

11:30 - 1:30 Aymen Sawaf - Mission Beach Cafe

1:30 Micah

4:30pm Kaliya in Palo Alto

6pm Kevn Marks in Palo Alto (bump into Ross m)


July 25, Thursday (Chicago)

brunch open

1pm Fly back to Chicago





Thrivability: A Collaborative Sketch

a collection of over 60 essays and images crafting a topography for thriving

11596 medium


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Thrivability: A Collaborative Sketch




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