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Jeudi 6 Nov

Fly to Paris

Vendredi 7 Nov

9:40 Arrive in Paris - CDG

20:00 Dinner with Nilofer and Robin

Chez Janou

Samedi 8 Nov

Breakfast with Nathalie

Family day

Dimache 9 Nov

writing day

Lundi 10 Nov

writing day

Mardi 11 Nov

(national holiday)

writing day

Leave for Brussels - stay with Nadia, meet Alberto

Mercredi 12 Nov

Brussels - Nadia

then to

The Netherlands to meet Herman 12-5

Get into Berlin at 23:00


Thursday 13 Nov

Mushin and Pernille, Anne and Bernd

stay near SAP event

Friday 14 Nov

11am Move to airbnb place

Lunch with Bill Thompson and Manar

Walk with Manar

7pm Boat trip birthday party

Saturday 15 Nov

Family time

Sunday 16 Nov

Family time

2pm Anne

9pm Joachim

Monday 17 Nov

Fly home



People to see



Christelle - stay with

Robin C and Nilofer M - Friday dinner

Nathalie - Sat breakfast

Christophe Cesetti

Pavlik Elf

Steven Delcourt










Mushin + Pernille - Berlin, Anne C

Bill Thompson (London)


Joachim - https://www.facebook.com/agoracollective


Mittelweg 50, Neukölln, Berlin, Germany





Jonathan S - London


Tracy note on visiting Paris:


1. Night #1. Take a cab or metro to the Palace de Chaillot a base camp to view the city and the Eiffel Tower at its best..after 9 pm.

2. Walk around two of the cities' great open markets, Rue Moufftard, in the 5th, start by Note Dame, go by Shakespeare n Co bookstore and wind up Rue Moufftard...after but a 20 minute walk. Return via the Pantheon and the Jardin Des Tuilleries.
3. Go to the 6eme, Left Bank too and, walk from the grad Blvd to Rue de Seine, also an open market ( I lived one yr near ine, another year at 54 Rue de Seine..a floor above Simon de Beauvoir..young men, lined up outside her door to sleep with her when she was in her late
Keep wandering left on the next block for fun galleries and small museums ..head toward The Seine and walk then right to go over
4. Ile de la Cite...as small charming isle in the midst of The Seine
5. Do not miss seeing the Moneta Iris'..Musee Marmotten.
6. Go to the Rodin Museum, also on the Left.
7. View Note Dame at sunset from the best view in the city..and have a glass of champagne, from L' Institute du Monde Arabe. Elevator to the top floor bar/restaurante.
8. Go on a river boat tour of The Seine..
8. Yes, ABSOLUTELY Musee D'Orsey...Remember it was redesigned Gare..railway station by was it..by Picasso ' s daughter..or some amazing eye and filled w great and diverse art.
9. Louvre..yes..and you can take a day or see the best in an hour'' breeze..but DAYS, best.
10. Go to Giverney..a train ride out of Paris, to Moneta summer, enchanting home..and see the pods for yourself and his place of inspiration...
Love oaris..Tough times Her people, .Over 2x our unemoliyment, 10 percent, BUT these crusty souls have style.
Enjoy dear Jean..and rest in beauty. I lived there my Jr n Sr years of Sarah Lawrence, 1971 to 1873. She is in my veins as my first home away from home, always.
Love..."Va te faire foudra"...a useful, keep em away phrase also..beauty. "go screw yourself"..said by many...kindly and firmly. They r hungry but harmless. With u in spirit. My mom's pied de terre is on the Right Bank, near Rond Point de Champs D'Elysse. She liked to shop, Avenue Maitgnon near the cafe on the corner..top floor. My 98 year old step father still hangs between there n NY..
Love ya


Thrivability: A Collaborative Sketch

a collection of over 60 essays and images crafting a topography for thriving

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Thrivability: A Collaborative Sketch




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