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Oct 16-22 Bay Area trip



Open Sustainability Network Conference is that weekend Oct 18-19. http://www.appropedia.org/OSNCon/Registration
Bioneers is Oct 17-19

Ohhhh I just have to do that!!! Now to figure out HOW. Any suggestions?



Arrive @SFO Oct 17 at 3pm

Depart @SFO Oct 22 at 6pm


Friday Oct 17:

  • arrive at 3pm
  • Michael arrives at 5pm
  • conference set up - west SF
  • meet-up with Evonne <3
  • stay at hotel near airport

Saturday Oct 18:

  • 9am conference starts
  • 3pm head to Berkeley area
  • 4pm meet Tom
  • 7:30 arrive at Wisteria Ways for concert at 8pm
  • stay with? have hotel, but could stay in Ross?


Sunday Oct 19:

  • Open Sustainability Network CAMP
  • head out with others to Bioneers
  • stay with- Axil or in Ross?

Monday Oct 20:

  • 10 am meeting with Lisa Parker in San Rapheal area
  • 7pm dinner party...picnic and walk: Jerry, April, Monica, Lisa, David, Kaliya, Leif, Gina, Thomas, Jessica
  • stay with cousin Kim in the city?

Tuesday Oct 21:

  • breakfast with cousin Kim - SF Proper
  • Lunch with David H - south burbs
  • 6pm Jodee dinner in downtown
  • stay with- Monica? Diane?

Wednesday Oct 22:

  • meetings--
  • 1pm transport to airport

People to see:

Tom - sat/sun adventure

David - group + IFF lunch

Jerry - Monday night

Cliff - unkown

Charles ?

Lisa P - Monday 10am

Lisa T - Sat pm? and hiking during the week - Berkeley

Kim - Monday night/Tuesday breakfast

Kaliya - Sunday night, Monday dinner?

Gina - Monday?

Axil - Sunday night

Diane ?

Monica - 20/21?

Tony and Mardie - ?

Thomas - Monday dinner

Jessica - Monday dinner?

Tara - out of town, I think

Peter @Pop!Tech

Drew - ?

Miles - ?

Who foundations? nonprofits? clients?




Can't wait to see everyone!

--Jean Nurture Girl Russell.....Fri Oct 03 08:03:49 -0700 2008


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