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NYC Dec09

Boston and NYC in December


Wanna plan with me? Leave a comment at the bottom!


Looking at:

Chicago to Boston (Logan) arriving 10:30pm on the 13th

NYC to Chicago on Dec 19th, departing at 6:40pm.


*keep Ruth Ann updated on schedule. Send prezi*

Sunday December 13

arrive in Boston at 10:30

stay with Jo


Monday December 14

Ask Jo about doing video for coaching page.

Chris Brogan?

12:30 Chris

2pm Anthony?

6pm dinner with Jo @ Harvard

Stay in Boston


Tuesday December 15

11:00am - John Ellsworth Peet’s Coffee 176 Federal Street

1pm Call with Unified Field Bank

2pm Wally Gilbert

3pm Gibran http://www.interactioninstitute.org/services - Harvard Square

4:30 - 6:00 pm - Ethos Roundtable - http://ethosroundtable.blogspot.com/ Charles Hotel

6:00 - 8:00ishBoston 501 Tech Club

7:00pm Dinner with Lars - Harvard Square

Stay in Boston


Wednesday December 16

10am Chris Brogan

train to NJ


Stay in Basking Ridge


Thursday December 17


11:30 Ruth Ann

12:30 Mary Hodder

3pm Deanna

4:30pm Michelle Haimoff

7:30pm Maryann Fernandez

Stay in NYC - Jill


Friday December 18

11am Clay Shirky

dinner with Hava

Stay in NYC - Long Island City


Saturday December 19

Hava till flight.


6:40pm FLY home.



So happy you are coming to NYC, Jean, and so bummed I won't be here! Yes, you are more than welcome to stay at my place, which you will find to be very comfortable, friendly and in close proximity to everything NYC. :) I'm within a couple blocks of the E, V, 7, and G. And, we have abundant free parking. I'll probably just leave keys for you with my roommate, who should be home on a late thursday night.

  --Jill Palermo (Not signed in).....Wed Nov 25 07:18:58 -0800 2009

Jill - you rock. so sorry to be in town when you are out. :(

  --Jean Nurture Girl Russell.....Wed Nov 25 09:59:48 -0800 2009

Hiya Jean! So days are packed wrapping up work for the holiday season - how about dinner at 7:00 somewheres near Charles - what's your pleasure taste-wise?

  --lhtorres (Not signed in).....Thu Dec 10 09:27:48 -0800 2009

Splendid. 7 it is. I am flexible - re: food. What I value most is the experience and the company. :)

  --Jean Nurture Girl Russell.....Thu Dec 10 09:30:50 -0800 2009



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