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Call Spencer for car...


January 7, Tuesday

10am flight



January 8, Wednesday

8 - 9:30 - ci2i global call

11am Napier

3pm - Flows call

 go out to HAVA


January 9, Thursday


9:30 call with WI client

11 call with Betsey


January 10, Friday

12 - set up next Flows chapter

head back to NYC

1pm Lynne

4pm Bice

5pm Alessandro

6pm - 11pm dinner with Charles


January 11, Saturday

Hava and Deanna at Kurt's play

10pm Charles - Depeche Mode - cancel


January 12, Sunday

Deanna play time

4pm Thrivability book call


January 13, Monday

12:15pm lunch with Howard and Isabel - Num Pang, 1129 Bway bet 26 and 27th

1:30 David Eggleton

5pm coaching call

dinner with Peter ****


January 14, Tuesday

head home



People to see

This trip especially: Deanna, Hava, Steve C, Charles, Lynne, Napier, Clay, Grant, Alassandro, Bice, Isabel, Howard


Ongoing list:

X Hava √√ 

X Steve C.  √ - 

X Deanna √√ (* Sonal and Emily Jacobi.)

X Charles Hope √√

Bice √√

X Napier √√

X Peter √√

Isabel √√

x Lynne Deliva Johnson √√


Grant √

Geo Geller √

Clay ***messaged

Samantha B + Scott

Gerard S + Francesca √

Darlene  √√

Melissa Beckman and Alex Goldman 

Ruth Ann Harnisch - OOT

Maryann Fernandez  - OOT

Peter A. - OOT until the 10th

Jason Franklin

Howard Greenstein √√


Sydney (NJ)

Wendy (Princeton)


I love how time with me is simply titled "HAVA"!!! can't wait to see you! - my schedule is super easy...so you let me know when you are coming, and it can be last minute. ...if something else comes up...xoxox

--Hava (Not signed in).....2014-01-08 04:43:30 +0000

you are a time/place experience needing no other reference Hava. Just HAVA says it all. xoxo gratitude

--Jean Nurture Girl Russell.....2014-01-13 04:30:40 +0000


Thrivability: A Collaborative Sketch

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