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Please feel free to comment in the box at the bottom - tell me what works for you, where I am being unrealistic, advice on travel options, advice on where to stay, other people to meet, or even key things to see or do. Note, I am not much for tourist-y anything. A key thing to see or do is: have coffee or drinks and meet people.


Also, if you have suggestions on how this trip can help Thrivable.org, please post or email me.

http://www.raileurope.com for trains...


Thrivability Tour Europe 2010




June 1 T - FLY - Stockholm


June 2 W - Arrive in Stockholm, and take train to RWTW Conference

- Niclas

- Leif

- Cilia


June 3 R - RWTW Conference


June 4 F - RWTW Conference


June 5 S - RWTW Conference

5:15-7:45pm - train from Leksand to Stockholm

Nadia El Imam


June 6 S - Stockholm to Malmo

3:21pm - 8:46pm Stockholm - to - Malmo


June 7 M -

Thrivability Event hosted by www.oresund.org and at Malmo incubator MINC http://www.minc.se/aboutminc.aspx


Thanks to Steve Jennings

Steve Jennings - Malmo


June 8 TMalmo to Copenhagen - trains every hour, takes 35 minutes

flight from Copenhagen to Amsterdam 10:50 AM - 12:15pm


Marianne Diego - Kevin

Herman Wagter (choice 1)

Lloyd Hotel


June 9 W - Brussels

am Herman Wagter (choice 2)

3 hours from Amsterdam to Brussels

~ 2pm in Brussels?

Christina Jordan (stay with her)


June 10 R - Brussels

Full day in Brussels with Christina

Speak at Brussels HUB at noon


June 11 F - London


leave 7:50am from Brussels for 2.5 hours on Eurostar


11am - Mushin

5pm - with Amy Sample Ward - Thrivability Meetup

7pm Manar -



June 12 S - London

personal time


June 13 S - London

personal time


June 14 M - 10am fly to Dublin Easyair 

13:30 with Bill Liao

Clare Mulvany - stay with her


June 15 T - Dublin

Clare Mulvany

Dinner party?


June 16th - W

Fly home!!!


Hey jean eurostar to London is only 2 hours, and you gain an hour in the time dif. Book you ticket now to get cheaper rates. Can't wait to host you!

  --Christina (Not signed in).....Tue May 11 09:23:03 -0700 2010

Come and stay with me in Dublin!! Clare

  --Anonymous (Not signed in).....Wed May 12 08:36:53 -0700 2010

Thank you Clare and Christina. Looking forward to seeing you and staying with you. Thank you for hosting me!

  --Jean Nurture Girl Russell.....Thu May 13 10:01:20 -0700 2010

Hey Jean- I think I'll be around during those dates and would love to get together as well as introduce you to people in my London network. I will follow up with an email about folks you could be interested in. Also, I can't recommend enough that you try to fly easyjet instead of ryan air. And, I would also recommend you visit http://www.easybus.co.uk/ to get cheap and easy bus transport to the non-Heathrow airports (the cheap airlines don't go to Heathrow).

  --Amy Sample Ward (Not signed in).....Mon May 17 01:07:03 -0700 2010

Thank you Amy. It is always so useful to have a local share their hard won experience and wisdom. Can't wait to see you.

  --Jean Nurture Girl Russell.....Mon May 17 15:40:20 -0700 2010


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