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East Coast in August

lans for East Coast trip in August

Available August 13-August 18

Options: Fly to Washington DC, spend 1.5 days, head to NYC, spend 3 days, back to DC->Chicago or back to Chicago


People to visit in DC: (distance form Chicago 11.5 hours, 700 miles)

  • Jim Fussell (Genocide issues)
  • Rory Turner (Goucher College) -- dinner on 13th? not available 14 or 18
  • Diane Tai (daily appreciations) --lunch--how about the 14th?
  • Frank Hamilton (convergent media) --not 15-17
  • odd chance--Theresa Williamson if she is home visiting family--nope

People to visit in NYC: (distance from Washington DC to NY City 4 hours, 230 miles)

  • Sehil (agroweb.fr) --17th? (18th I am heading home)
  • Hava Gurevich (art2art) - open invite to stay--need best gal pal time
  • Jill Palermo (Weaddup) - kayak in the city? --fun with Hava too
  • Steve Crandall (tingilinde) - can stay (outside NYC)
  • Peter Asaro (artificial intelligence) - open to meet up and to group dinner
  • Zoe Sullivan (Community Credit Union) --weekend brunch
  • Darlene Charneco (artist) --YES!
  • Michelle Haimoff (The Panelist) --out of town, will call instead
  • Michele Lifshen Reing (givingarts) --out of town, call instead
  • Howard Greenstein (social media pal) --flexible late week of 11th
  • Jessica Chao (Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors) - Not available week of 11th
  • others? Check into artists: Yvette Brackman and Carol Irving

People to visit in Cleveland, OH: (distance from Chicago 5.5 hours, 350 miles) (distance from NYC to Cleveland 7.5 hours, 460 miles)

  • Jack Ricchuito (coaching, conversations, sustainability, community)
  • Valdis Krebs (social network analysis, music)

Wednesday August 13--

  • Drive, starting at 4am, arrive by 5pm
  • staying w/ Frank

Thursday August 14--

  • meeting
    • Jim for breakfast
    • Diane -- lunch -- Foggy Bottom --12
  • staying with Frank

Friday August 15--

  • meeting Rory at Goucher --12
  • Drive to NJ--
  • stay with Steve (5 hours+)

Saturday August 16--

  • meeting
    • Howard
    • Hava
  • staying with Hava near Central Park in NYC

Sunday August 17--

  • meeting--
    • BRUNCH with Zoe
    • Dinner with Peter
    • Sehil
  • staying with Hava

Monday August 18--

  • meeting:
    • Darlene
  • drive to Cleveland 7.5 hours
  • Jack at 7pm
  • stay with Jill

Tuesday August 19

  • meeting Valdis
  • drive to Chicago 5.5 hours

(daughter starts school on the 20th--be in Bloomie)


yup - I'm free except for the 18th at this point. You are welcome to stay here if you can put up with the lack of space and the surplus of ferrets.

--steve crandall (Not signed in).....Fri Jul 11 10:15:00 -0700 2008

Hi Jean- so great you're coming by! I tentatively planned on leaving NYC August 14th. But, I don't think it would hurt to stay thru the weekend. We've got to get you out on the water- want to do some free kayaking around Manhattan while you're here? You're welcome to stay on my couch.

--Jill Palermo (Not signed in).....Fri Jul 11 10:28:03 -0700 2008

Love to see you in the NY area, pretty flexible during latter part of the week of the 11th at this point.

--Howard Greenstein (Not signed in).....Fri Jul 11 11:49:26 -0700 2008

14th (A trip to Dutch Wonderland with some kids I(you could come if you like : ) )) and 18th are out, otherwise I amfree and we have a guest room in Towson open and welcoming to you...

--T (Not signed in).....Fri Jul 11 12:01:01 -0700 2008

Thanks Steve, Jill, Howard and T. I integrated into the doc what I heard from you. Will keep you posted on details. Finals by email or voice confirmation.

--Jean Nurture Girl Russell.....Fri Jul 11 14:27:28 -0700 2008

Hi Jean,
I'm generally free after 8 on Tuesdays (although I have a dance class until then) and Wednesdays. Brunch on the weekend would work, too. Or, if you'd like to come out to Jackson Heights for lunch or coffee, we could meet during the work day.

--Anonymous (Not signed in).....Sat Jul 12 12:18:37 -0700 2008

Dear Jean,
I'm flying back into France the 20th.
So, I would love to see you before. 18th? I don't know yet my plan. Let's say 17th or 18th.

--Anonymous (Not signed in).....Tue Jul 15 07:03:59 -0700 2008

Dear Jean,
The 13th would work fine, and either at Goucher in Towson, or I could get to DC...

--Rory (Not signed in).....Fri Jul 18 16:10:48 -0700 2008

700+230+350+460=1740 miles/ 25mpg= 70gallons* 4.50=420$

--Jean Nurture Girl Russell.....Mon Jul 28 12:58:29 -0700 2008

Wooo hoo-- add Susan Crawford to folks in NYC. :)

  --Jean Nurture Girl Russell.....Sat Aug 16 14:00:46 -0700 2008


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