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Awareness and Action

Conversation started on Twitter with @Lotay about awareness and taking action for social change.



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@Lotay: I refuse to believe that people when made #aware of the pain in the world will turn a blind eye.

@NurtureGirl: @Lotay I am not sure the issue is the lack of awareness - that is part, but also overwhelm and lack of clarity about response.

@NurtureGirl: @Lotay if we truly have empathy, from what I have seen, it takes skill to hold space to see and not be crushed. Blind eye=safe heart.

First, we can't see everything all the time. So we have to choose what to view. Second, being aware of torture, cruelty, starvation, and suffering, for an empath, creates that pain in the viewer. How do we hold ground to witness without being overwhelmed by the suffering we witness? Next, witnessing and suffering with those who are directly experiencing feels like only a small step. How do we move from witnessing to action. Witnesssing feels more worthwhile if we can take action. Knowing what action will be effective often stops us in our tracks. How do we find right action?

  --Jean Nurture Girl Russell.....Sun Nov 22 12:38:03 -0800 2009




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