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"Why do you do what you do?" (aka "wdydwyd?")

Our participatory art project at sxsw!


Very cool! Hope all goes well this weekend at Sx!

  --Debbie Johnson (Not signed in).....Fri Mar 12 10:06:38 -0800 2010

You've done some wonderful work, Jean! So excited that we're collaborating on "wdydwyd?"

  --Tony Deifell (Not signed in).....Fri Mar 12 11:29:53 -0800 2010

You are the Thrivable Action Heroine! We love and bow for your team terrific.

  --A Texas Fan aka page 48 (Not signed in).....Sat Mar 13 00:53:09 -0800 2010

Art is the work you can't not do.

  --Bice C. Wilson, AIA (Not signed in).....Sat Mar 13 07:14:11 -0800 2010

Not at sxsw - whereever that may be - a small contribution from Basel, Switzerland at this moment:

I do what I do (IdwId) because it is a pleasure to do it as long as IdwId is consonant with what I value in the depths of my soul.

I may not know what I value, or better, I may not be able to express in words or concepts what I deeply value, but when I express it in my very action - in what I do and how I do it - I know it for certain by a sense of whole-soul pleasure.

So IdwId because I cherish a life of pleasure and a rich soul-life for me and all that I come in touch with.

  --Mushin (Not signed in).....Sat Mar 13 08:00:00 -0800 2010

Thank you Debbie. Great to see you Thursday!

Tony - thank you for your collaboration! I keep meeting people who know just what "wdydwyd?" is! And they smile brightly.

Thank you Texas Fan and yes, thank you Bice.

Mushin, I feel grateful for your long distance wdydwyd contribution. Let's get a photo together and put it up! :)

  --Jean Nurture Girl Russell.....Sat Mar 13 12:25:39 -0800 2010

Terrible pic of me! We'll have to take some more together;)

  --Joe Hamm - @brohamm (Not signed in).....Sat Mar 13 14:19:53 -0800 2010

Sure thing, Jean. You're a wonderful collaborator. I just put the slideshow above and Mushin's respnose on the wdydwyd blog: www.wdydwyd.com


Fun to see all the great answers you're capturing!

  --Tony Deifell @Deifell (Not signed in).....Sat Mar 13 14:32:57 -0800 2010

Great job Jean - this is perfectly inspiring!

  --LaDonna Coy (Not signed in).....Tue Mar 23 09:41:25 -0700 2010

Wonderful photos. Great to see wdydwyd evolve so significantly since I was first introduced in 2005 in Chicago. I love this project!

  --Susan Megy (Not signed in).....Fri Apr 02 17:55:28 -0700 2010

Jean Russell I have been trying to get in touch with you after the Rework Conference in Sweden. Do get in touch with me on I really will love to discuss something with you. I wally impressed with your work God Bless . This Emmanuel Duker from Ghana

  --Emmanuel Duker (Not signed in).....Sat Jun 19 13:44:20 -0700 2010

Thank you Emmanuel. I emailed you. :)

  --Jean Nurture Girl Russell.....Mon Jun 21 15:04:11 -0700 2010

What an uplifting video! I like you people!

--Cheryl (Not signed in).....2013-07-29 20:25:41 +0000


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